About Us

Refilwe Bogosi Construction & Projects has been building homes to the highest quality and standards for families.

We operate with the sole purpose of providing a great home at an affordable price while exceeding customer expectations in all aspects of the building process. When you build with Refilwe Bogosi Construction & Projects, you can be assured that you have made an investment in a quality home you can be proud of.

Our Approach

Our comprehensive approach includes technical and specialty knowledge combined with quality management. We are at the job-site on a daily basis. Complex projects require intense oversight and we are present to problem solve and develop solutions as the need arises.Each project begins with an initial meeting with the customer, to gather information on the customer's objectives. We perform an overview on the scope of the project and review all the details of the work to be completed. This clarity ensures we and our customers have the same expectations.

Service, Commitment, Experience, Knowledge

Refilwe Bogosi Construction & Projects is a residential and commercial construction company with the expertise and creative ability to complete any residential and commercial project. We also do custom luxury homes, crafted to your taste and specifications. And we make recommendations for materials and finish products.


In every home that we build, Refilwe Bogosi Construction & Projects brings over 7 years of experience in the construction industry. You will see evidence when you go to our Gallery.


Refilwe Bogosi Construction & Projects Custom homes constantly strives to be the best value. We are continually updating our standard features to incorporate the latest features and trends into all of our homes. We believe every home should have many of the extras that make a house a home. Many of our standard features are considered upgrades with other conventional builders.