Maintenance And Repair Services

Refilwe Bogosi Construction & Projects provides a maintenance crew so that all of your smaller needs can also be met in one service call rather than waiting for those projects that never seem to get done. Our specialty is letting you do the things that you love and letting us do what we love. We can make your life more efficient and pleasurable by taking care of those small construction needs rather than letting them get worse with time. Refilwe Bogosi Construction and Projects is loaded up and ready to serve your everyday needs. Refilwe Bogosi Construction and Projects is your one stop for all construction needs. We provide great service to complete every home project. Our team here at Refilwe Bogosi Construction & Projects is committed to excellence and your unconditional satisfaction is our greatest achievement. When working with us you are guaranteed to have all weight lifted off your shoulders. Contact us to receive expert advice, quality and reasonable prices.

Reasons To Choose Us:

  • We can handle all of your maintenance needs. This eliminates the need to call several different companies to maintain your home or commercial property.
  • Our honesty and quality workmanship extends to maintenance and repair so you can feel confident that the job is being done right.
  • Because of our experience and expertise in construction, we can provide your house with long lasting maintenance and repair.
  • We will provide a price point that accurately reflects your needs and the quality of our workmanship.