Roofing contractor and roof construction

At Refilwe Bogosi Construction and Projects we do re-roofing and roof repairs with commercial and residential roofs. Refilwe Bogosi Construction & Projects has established a foundation of quality workmanship, and continuous pursuit of up to date product knowledge, and an executive level of around-the-clock service and follow-through with our clients. We get the job done right the first time, no roof repairs needed. We provide warranties to our clients to guarantee peace of mind in quality of materials and roof construction for all of our roofing clients. We are so confident in our work that if there a problem with our work, we'll fix it for free, within the guaranteed years.

Reasons To Choose Us:

  • We ensure that your job is done right the first time with quality materials.
  • We have an established presence in the community and a trustworthy reputation among peers and customers.
  • We have an extensive working knowledge of many types of homes.
  • Most of all, our construction company emphasizes service and developing a trusting relationship with our customers.